Paid Extras with individual support

Premium MODX Extras

Our premium extras are easy to use extensions for MODX. These extras are well documented, contain useful sample templates and support questions are answered by us during normal business hours within 24 hours (usually faster).

We sell our premium extras through the modmore store.

ConsentFriend Window
ConsentFriend Modal

Consent Manager


Manage the (cookie) consent of your MODX site.

Control the third-party services on your website and provide an easy way for the visitor to consent to the use of external services.

  • Simple straightforward data protection
  • Flexible customization for your website
  • Clear and understandable presentation
Agenda Window
Agenda Modal

Calendar Manager


Manage and show your events in MODX with Agenda.

Create recurring events, handle multiple calendars, assign categories and locations. Import events automatically from externally managed iCal/XML feeds.

  • Ultra-flexible event management in the MODX backend
  • Display the visitor the event data your way with your templates
  • Automatically import events from iCal/XML feeds with a cron job
BabelTranslate Window



Translate your MODX content with BabelTranslate.

BabelTranslate helps you translate your MODX content automatically through a translation service (currently DeepL Free and Pro are supported). It translates the content of a MODX resource with a button from a linked Babel resource.

  • Translate MODX resources with one click
  • Restrict the translated content to specific fields
  • Translate ContentBlocks content