For most of Treehill Studio's MODX Extras, we use Weblate to translate the Extras’ lexicons. Weblate provides a clean user interface for translations, with many useful features and machine translations from various external providers such as Deepl, Google Translate, Baidu, etc.

You need a Weblate account to create and edit translations. You can create a new account for yourself at

Premium MODX Extras

The language files of our paid extras can be translated on Weblate:

If you create a complete translation or just translate the standard lexicon for an extra, feel free to contact us for free licenses for this or other Treehill Studio extras.

Free MODX Extras

Some of our free extras can be translated at Weblate. An overview of all translated components of these extras can be found at For each extra, the lexicons are divided into the areas Standard, Snippet Parameters and System Settings. Sometimes not all areas are available.